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I entered the serial key correctly, but it says that it is wrong.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
In most cases, that happens when the there is some difference between the Site URL information in your request and the actual site URL.
Please send me the information as shown in the screenshot below. I will change to site information so that it will work.
Add-on Activate information

Add-on Activate information

We have a key for a production site. We develop using the Multisite Add-on in a different domain. The add-on doesn’t work because the domain name is different. Do I need to buy a key for the development domain?

You can change the registered domain on the my account page so you will use the development domain. However, if you want to need to always two domain, please purchase the addition.

Can I get support when that someone else has purchased of Add-on?

Yes, I will support anyone.
For example: The Add-on purchaser is client, but the person using the Add-on to change settings is a developer.
If you have troubles, questions, bugs, please free feel to ask. 🙂


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Is it possible to send a invoice?

Sorry it is not possible to send a invoice because become double order to receipt from PayPal.
Please use the receipt sent from PayPal after purchase.