Purchase Import&Export Add-on

Did you read the about Import&Export add-on description?


Please read the description of the inevitably.

About the Import&Export add-on




You can be used for multiple sites in the purchase of 1 degree.

It is $47 USD.

Thank you for your consideration.



The flow of to become available

– 1 – Click the payment button of the bottom of this page.

– 2 – Enter the necessary information.

– 3 – Confirmation screen is displayed.

Press the submit if it is good in this content.



Confirm screen.

Confirm screen.




– 4 – Payment completed page appears.

Import and export add-on does not require a serial key.

Please download the add-on file.


Sample of settlement completion screen

Sample of settlement completion screen




– 5 – Is complete.

Please activate plugin. Possible to import and export.



Add menu

Add menu



Enjoy the Add-on!