Purchase Multiple Add-on

Did you read the about multiple add-on description?


Please read the description of the inevitably.
About the Multiple Add-on




Multiple Add-on is become the price of “one WordPress(one Site and Multisite) basis”.

It is $32 USD per one WordPress directory basis.

Thank you for your consideration.




The flow of to become available

– 1 – Click the payment button of the bottom of this page.

– 2 – Enter the necessary information

Next, and it is screen to enter the URL to use the Site(Multisite).

Please enter the Siteurl that you want to use.


Please note that input of the Siteurl.

If Multisite: http://example.com/

If Singlesite: http://example.com



Screen to enter the URL to use the Site

Screen to enter the URL to use the Site




– 3 – Confirmation screen is displayed.

Click to the submit if it is good in this content.



Confirm screen

Confirm screen




– 4 – Payment completed page appears.

This contains the serial key in order to use the Add-on.

Please keep always.



Sample of settlement completion screen

Sample of settlement completion screen




– 5 – Is complete.

Please enter the serial key on the settings page of WP Admin UI Customize for Multiple Add-on.





Serial key input screen

Serial key input screen



After that.

You will be able to change the Site URL/serial of purchased if you want to change from My Account page.


My Account

My Account





Enjoy the Add-on!